C-DOCTOR Animal Resources

UC Davis Center for Laboratory Animal Science – William Ferrier (wtferrier@ucdavis.edu)
Large and small animal models

USC Department of Animal Resources – James Finlay (jbfinlay@med.usc.edu)
Large and small animals

USC Transgenic/Knockout Rodent Core Facility – Nancy Lanying Wu (nwu@usc.edu)
Transgenic & knockout mice, CRISPR, knockout rats

UCLA Zebrafish Core – Shuo Lin (shuolin@ucla.edu)
Transgenesis, large-scale genetic screens

UCLA Mouse Physiology Lab – Kenneth Roos (kroos@mednet.ucla.edu)
Electrocardiography, hemodynamics, surgical procedures, telemetric recording, autonomic testing, exercise & metabolic testing, postmortem morphometry, isolated cell studies, certification testing of new ddrugs

UCLA Behavioral Testing Core – Michael Fanselow (fanselow@psych.ucla.edu)
Behavioral testing of mice and rats

UCLA Center for AIDS Research Humanized Mouse Core – Scott Kitchen (skitchen@ucla.edu)
Humanized immunodeficient mice