C-DOCTOR Resources in Biochemistry

Stanford Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge Center – Mark Smith (mxsmith@stanford.edu)
Provides help to biologists and clinicians to incorporate medicinal chemistry into their research endeavors

Stanford Macromolecular Structure Knowledge Center – Marc Deller (mdeller@stanford.edu)
Production, purification, and characterization of biological macromolecules

Stanford Metabolic Chemistry Analysis Center – Curt Fischer (curtf@stanford.edu)
Measurement of metabolites

UCLA Biological Chemistry Imaging Facility
Fluorescent scanning equipment and gel documentation systems

UCLA Protein Expression Technology Center – Mark Arbing (marbing@mbi.ucla.edu)
All aspects of protein expression from cloning through expression optimization; purification of proteins for structure/function studies

UCLA-DOE & Biochemistry Instrumentation Core Facility – Martin Phillips (mlphill@ucla.edu)
Molecular weight determination, kinetic & thermodynamic analysis of ligand binding, structural characterization, gel documentation & analysis, radioisotope detection & quantification, and spectroscopy

UCLA Analytical Phytochemical Core – Qing-Yi Lu (qlu@mednet.ucla.edu)
Quantitative analysis of biological active ingredients in fruits, vegetables, beverages, botanicals and dietary supplements; preparation and standardization of plant extract; measurement of in vivo and human blood and tissue absorption of phytochemicals (or therapeutic drugs); characterization of metabolites from blood, tissue, urinary and fecal samples; quantification of chemical carcinogens, contaminants, toxins in food and dietary supplements, and other chemicals such as short (C2-C7) and long chain fatty acids, cholesterol, bile acids in biological samples and amino acids using HPLC, GC, LC-MS methods.

UCLA Bio-NMR Core – Robert Peterson (peterson@mbi.ucla.edu)
High-field NMR instrumentation

UCLA Bioscience Synthetic Chemistry Core – Michael Jung (jung@chem.ucla.edu)
Synthesis of small organic molecules

UCLA Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics Lab – Gregory Khitrov (khitrov@chem.ucla.edu)
Wide range of sample characterization techniques

UCLA Metabolomics Shared Resource – Daniel Braas (dbraas@mednet.ucla.edu)
Study metabolism with a particular focus on central carbon metabolism (glycolysis, pentose phosphate pathway, TCA cycle, nucleos(t)ide synthesis, etc.). Metabolite analysis can be performed on a variety of specimens (e.g. cultured cells, culture medium, blood, urine, tissue).

UCLA Pasarow Mass Spectrometry Lab – Kym Faull (faull@chem.ucla.edu)
Consultation, training, and access to and technical assistance for metabolomics, proteomics (top-down and bottom-up) and targeted small molecule quantitation using mass spectrometery and contemporary chromatography

UCLA Peptide Synthesis Core Facility
Can synthesize isotope-edited versions of proteins and peptides suitable for detailed determinations of 3-D molecular structure by NMR spectroscopy or X-ray diffraction.

UCSF Mass Spectrometry Facility – Al Burlingame (alb@cgl.ucsf.edu)
Post-translational protein characterization