C-DOCTOR Biomarker, functional testing, & histology resources

UC Davis – Nancy E. Lane (nelane@ucdavis.edu)

UCSF CCMBM Imaging & Histology Sub-Core – Wenhan Chang (wenhan.chang@ucsf.edu)
We offer resources and equipment to perform histomorphometric analysis of calcified bone sections. This service includes techniques in plastic embedding, sectioning, staining, microscopy, and quantitative analysis. In addition, the core also provides tools to perform tissue analysis on decalcified sections. Specific services include embedding, sectioning, and staining of paraffin and frozen sections.

UCSF CCMBM Cell Culture Sub-Core – Dolores Shoback (dolores.shoback@ucsf.edu)
Cell line repository, cell sorting, cytochemical staining, enzymatic assays, and primary culture of skeletal cells

UCSF CCMBM Osteocyte-Mediated Bone Remodeling Core – Cristal Yee (cristal.yee@ucsf.edu)
Polarized light microscopy and quantitative analysis of collagen linearity; quantitative analysis of intracellular pH​; silver nitrate staining of histological sections and quantitative analysis of lacunocanalicular area; qRT-PCR analysis of gene expression in RNA isolated from bone samples

Stanford Comparative Medicine Animal Histology Services – Sunni Farley (sunni.farley@stanford.edu)
Standard processing and embedding methods

UCLA Dental Research Service Center – Microbiology testing services – Wen Shi (wshi@dentistry.ucla.edu)
Microbiology testing services

UCLA Translational Pathology Core Lab – Sarah Dry (sdry@mednet.ucla.edu)