C-DOCTOR Biostatistics Resources

SC CTSI Biostatistics Consultation
Statistical consulting and data analysis

Stanford Data Coordinating Center – Bonnie Chung (bchung@stanford.edu)
Planning, development, management and secure implementation of systems to achieve project goals in a technologically modern environment

UCLA Statistical Consulting Center – Mahtash Esfandiari (esfandia@stat.ucla.edu)
Statistical consulting and data analysis

UCLA Statistical Biomathematical Consulting Clinic – David Tomita (gradprog@biomath.ucla.edu)
Statistical analysis; Clinical Trials preparation; Data preparation and editing; Assistance with grants methodology section; Planning for data acquisition; Proposals and/or publishing findings; Form design; Modelling; Programming; Study design/protocol development; File maintenance; Programs for the PC; Workshops in statistics/methods; Design and/or implementation of databases; Report preparation

UCLA Semel Institute Biostatistics Core – Catherine Sugar – (csugar@ucla.edu)
Data entry solutions featuring real time information accessible 24/7, report tracing, and unwavering security. Biostatistics services. Administrative systems featuring efficient patient scheduling management, smart study monitoring, easy publication management. Patient assesment solutions with SIStat’s Patient Assessment Solutions.

UCLA Department of Medicine Statistics Core – David Elashoff (domstat@mednet.ucla.edu)
Study design and power analysis; choice of statistical methods; performing statistical analysis; database design and setup; data management for ongoing studies; interpretation of results, including their limitations; grant preparation; preparation and review of manuscripts.

UCSF CTSI Consulting
Biostatistics & bioinformatics, study design & implementation