Our Vision

Our vision is for C-DOCTOR to be a national resource for the clinical translation of innovative technologies to regenerate dental and craniofacial tissues and organs lost to congenital disorders, trauma, and disease. C-DOCTOR will represent a public-private partnership with the primary mission of providing comprehensive clinical, scientific, technical, regulatory, financial, and management resources to promote cost-effective transition and timely development of dental, oral, and craniofacial tissue engineering/regenerative medicine products.

C-DOCTOR Leadership

Internal Leadership Council

Jeffrey Lotz, PhD – University of California, San Francisco
Yang Chai, DDS, PhD – University of Southern California
Ophir Klein, MD, PhD – University of California, San Francisco
Benjamin Wu, DDS, PhD – University of California, Los Angeles
Nancy Lane, MD – University of California, Davis
Kevin Healy, PhD – University of California, Berkeley
Michael Longaker, MD, MBA – Stanford University
Yong Chen, PhD – University of Southern California
Mark Urata, MD, DDS – University of Southern California

Internal Resource Directors

Regulatory/Reimbursement: Michael Jamieson (USC)
Cell and GMP Manufacturing: David Hsu (City of Hope), Joseph Gold (City of Hope), and Gerhard Bauer (UC Davis)
Biomaterials: Kevin Healy (UC Berkeley), Kent Leach (UC Davis), Shaochen Chen (UC San Diego), and Benjamin Wu (UCLA)
Commercialization: Irina Gitlin (UCSF), Michael Longaker (Stanford), and Benjamin Wu (UCLA)
Clinical network interactions: Yang Chai (USC), Mark Urata (USC), and Ophir Klein (UCSF)
Clinical research planning: UC-BRAID
Large animal models: Nancy Lane and CENTAUR (UC Davis)
Functional assays, endpoints, and biomarkers: Nancy Lane (UC Davis), Jeffrey Lotz (UCSF), and Song Li (UCLA)
Biostatistics: Wendy Mack (USC) and UC-BRAID