ITP Teams

Currently Supported ITP Teams

Stem-Cell Based Therapies for Bone Regeneration around Ailing Dental Implants

Product: Hydrogel loaded with bone marrow aspirate

Indication: Bone regeneration for ailing dental implants

Anticipated regulatory strategy: De novo IDE

Calvarial Bone Regeneration Using 3D-Printed Scaffold and Bone Marrow Aspirate

Product: 3D-printed HA/TCP scaffold loaded with bone marrow aspirate

Indication: Regenerate critical-sized defects of the calvaria

Anticipated regulatory strategy: De novo IDE

Prevention of Scar Formation in the Skin Using Topical FAK Inhibitors

Product: Focal adhesion kinase inhibitor hydrogel

Indication: Prevent hypertrophic scar formation from burn and trauma wounds

Regulatory strategy: IND - Combination product with the drug being the Primary Mode of Action

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Hydrogels for Volumetric Muscle Loss (VML) Repair

Product: Hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel

Indication: Volumetric muscle loss injury repair

Anticipated regulatory strategy: Combination product with device as the Primary Mode of Action, de novo PMA

Hydronovo: Regenerating The Salivary Gland Using an Injectable Hydrogel

Product: Injectable hydrogel with drug (cevemiline+oxidized alginate)

Indication: Regenerate salivary gland in post-radiation therapy xerostomia

Anticipated regulatory strategy: 505(b)(2) – IND with drug being the Primary Mode of Action

Local Injection Of Verteporfin To Promote Wound Repair Via Regeneration Without Scarring

Product: Injectable local solution of verteporfin

Indication: Scar prevention during cleft lip scar revision surgery

Anticipated regulatory strategy: Orphan indication with 505(b)(2) – IND

Drug-Loaded, Bioprinted Fibrin Scaffolds for Use During Cranial Nerve Repair Surgery

Product: SAG21k-loaded fibrinogen nerve wrap

Indication: Regeneration of nerve during cranial nerve repair surgery

Anticipated regulatory strategy: Drug/Biologic Combination Product

Drug-Induced Periodontal Regeneration

Product: Local injectable PEG-DCPA

Indication: Regenerate tissue affected by periodontal disease

Anticipated regulatory strategy: De novo IND

Transdermal Deferoxamine to Enhance Fat Graft Retention for Reconstruction of Irradiated Soft Tissue Defects

Product: Transdermal patch delivery of deferoxamine

Indication: Treatment of chronic, fibrotic radiation-injured soft tissue

Regulatory strategy: 505(b)(2) - IND

ITP Teams at a Glance

ITPs in the C-DOCTOR Portfolio over Time

Since its inception, C-DOCTOR has aimed to develop a pipeline to select, refine and drive the development of promising dental, oral, and craniofacial tissue engineering and regenerative medicine technologies. ITP teams in the C-DOCTOR portfolio are assessed quarterly on progress toward their milestones. ITPs that meet their milestones are advanced/continue to progress through the pipeline, while a “fail-fast” approach is taken for ITPs that may not be progressing well and they are exited from the program. The figure below outlines the progression of ITPs in the C-DOCTOR portfolio over time.

Previously Supported ITP Teams

Nasim Annabi, PhD (UCLA)
Giuseppe Intini, DDS, PhD (Harvard University)
Flavia Queiroz Pirih, DDS, PhD (UCLA)

Quynh-Thu Le, MD, FACR, FASTRO (Stanford University)
Daria Mochly-Rosen, PhD (Stanford University)
Davud Sirjani, MD (Stanford University)

Zhong Zheng, PhD (Scarless Laboratories)
Carol Danielson, PhD (Scarless Laboratories)
Chia Soo, MD (UCLA)
Kang Ting, DMD, DMedSc (UCLA)

Mary C. Farach-Carson, PhD (University of Texas)
Quynh-Thu Le, MD, FACR, FASTRO (Stanford University)
Michael Passineau (Allegheny-Singer Research Institute)
Daniel Harrington, PhD (University of Texas)
Isabelle Lombaert, PhD (University of Michigan)
Robert Witt, MD, FACS (Christiana Care Health System)
Mark Wong, DDS (University of Texas)

Stefan Habelitz, PhD (UC San Francisco)
Grayson W. Marshall, Jr., DDS, MPH, PhD (Northwestern University)
Thuan Q. Le, DDS, PhD (UC San Francisco)

Peter Santa Maria, MD, PhD (Stanford University)
Quynh-Thu Le, MD, FACR, FASTRO (Stanford Unviersity)
Susan Knox, MD, PhD (Stanford University)
Yunzhi Peter Yang, PhD (Stanford University)

David K. Mills, PhD (Louisiana Tech University)
Bingyun Li, PhD (West Virginia University)
Mingxian Liu, PhD (Jinan University)

Jason Pomerantz, MD (UC San Francisco)
Tejal Desai, PhD (UC San Francisco)
Ophir Klein, MD (UC San Francisco)

Alex K. Wong, MD, FACS (City of Hope)
Bo Han, PhD (University of Southern California)

Wei Yao, MD (UC Davis)
Nancy Lane, MD (UC Davis)
Kit Lam, MD, PhD (UC Davis)

Brad Amendt, PhD (University of Iowa & NaturemIRI, LLC)

Song Li, PhD (University of California, Los Angeles)

Denis Evseenko, MD, PhD (University of Southern California)
Yang Chai, DDS, PhD (University of Southern California)
Glenn Clark, DDS, MS (University of Southern California)