We seek to recruit fig 3 finalinterdisciplinary translational project (ITP) teams from universities and industry nationwide that align with our clinical indication priorities in dental, oral, and craniofacial tissue engineering/regenerative medicine. Our first RFP was issued in May 2017 and the first group of ITP teams was selected in November 2017. We are currently soliciting projects through our Winter 2017/2018 RFP, with pre-proposals due January 12, 2018.

We are developing an ITP team pipeline, as shown in the figure at right, through a process of structured innovation, during which we recruit, select, and advance only those technologies that optimally align with priorities of four key stakeholder groups — providers (clinicians and healthcare networks); producers (industry); payors; and patients.

ITP teams funded through our Summer 2017 cycle:

  • Stem cell-based therapies for bone regeneration around ailing dental implants – Tara Aghaloo, DDS, MD, PhD (UCLA)
  • An osteoconductive growth factor-free antimicrobial adhesive for treatment of peri-implantitis – Nasim Annabi, PhD (Northeastern University)
  • Calvarial bone regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells in swine – Yang Chai, DDS, PhD (USC)
  • Prevention of scar formation in the skin using topical focal adhesion kinase inhibitors – Geoffrey Gurtner, MD (Stanford University)
  • Promoting salivary gland regeneration using therapeutic delivery of carbachol – Sarah Knox, PhD (UCSF)
  • Mitigating radiation induced hyposalivation by activation of ALDH3A1 – Quynh-Thu Le, MD, FACR, FASTRO (Stanford University)
  • Transdermal deferoxamine to enhance fat graft retention for reconstruction of irradiated soft tissue defects – Derrick Wan, MD (Stanford University)
  • Peptide-impregnated hydrogel system for improving cleft lip and palate wound healing – Zhong Zheng, PhD (Scarless Laboratories)