Month: November 2023

Wan ITP Team Files IND!

Congratulations to the “Transdermal Deferoxamine For Treatment Of Irradiated Soft Tissue” ITP team led by Derrick Wan on their IND submission.

Hydronovo ITP receives $2.3 million CIRM Translational Research Grant

On October 27, 2023 – C-DOCTOR Interdiscplinary Translational Project Team, Hydronovo, received a $2.3 million California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Translational Stage research grant to fund development of their small molecule therapy and related translational activities. This funding, leveraged in addition to the funding and support for proof-of-concept studies provided by C-DOCTOR and the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, will enable their goal of completing pivotal preclinical studies ahead of IND filing with the FDA. The Hydronovo team (consisting of principal investigators, Sarah Knox, PhD, Chelsea Bahney, PhD, and Eben Alsberg, PhD) takes a monumental step towards clinical trials with their outstanding accomplishment in receiving this grant. The CIRM Translational Stage grant mechanism is a highly competitive opportunity for promising regenerative medicine projects that accelerate completion of translational stage activities necessary for advancement to clinical study. Hydronovo’s product will advance CIRM’s mission to accelerate world class science to deliver transformative regenerative medicine treatments. With funding from this CIRM grant, Hydronovo’s product is one step closer to reaching clinical adoption. Xerostomia, or dry mouth, affects over 8 million U.S citizens due to salivary dysfunction which severely decreases oral health and quality of life. The goal of Hydronovo’s proposed product is to overcome radiation-induced xerostomia/dry mouth through neurogenic stimulation of salivary gland stem cells. Hydronovo will use this grant to focus on safety and dosing studies in a large animal model; R&D grade Ceviginate production; quality controls/analytical protocol development and validation, packaging stability testing/aging, and first-in-human (FIH) clinical trial design development. With no regenerative treatments available, they plan to fulfill this unmet need by developing a long-term therapeutic treatment to restore salivary flow through activating salivary gland regeneration. Hydronovo expressed, “This will be the first regenerative treatment for this medical condition and gives cancer survivors and their families the chance to restore their quality of life.” Click here to read more: Click here to read more about the Hydronovo ITP:

C-DOCTOR receives the CIRM Conference Grant in Support of the 2023 DOCTRC Retreat

In October 2023, C-DOCTOR receives the CIRM Conference Grant in support of the 4th Annual Joint 2023 DOCTRC Retreat with C-DOCTOR and the MPWRM Resource Center. The conference will be held in Los Angeles, December 4-6. The objective of the CIRM Conference Grant is to support valuable mission-specific scientific conferences where people assemble to exchange scientific information and explore specific scientific subject relevant to CIRM’s mission. Under this program, the joint DOCTRC retreat aligns with CIRM’s short and long-term goals and addresses critical topics related to stem cell-based therapy and discovery/stem cell biology.