First Successful C-DOCTOR IND Filing!

C-DOCTOR celebrates Dr. Derrick Wan’s successful IND filing for their interdisciplinary translational project “Transdermal Deferoxamine to Enhance Fat Graft Retention for Reconstruction of Irradiated Soft Tissue Defects” (Deferoxamine Patch for Radiation-Injured Skin)!” Their team filed the IND application on November 30, 2023, and received their “study may proceed” letter on January 3, 2024, allowing them to begin their clinical trial. The Deferoxamine Patch for Radiation-Injured Skin ITP is the very first C-DOCTOR ITP to successfully file an IND application since C-DOCTOR has been established. This is a landmark achievement for Dr. Wan, C-DOCTOR, and DOCTRC (Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Tissue Regeneration Consortium). C-DOCTOR has worked diligently and efficiently with the Wan ITP team to ensure that they have all the necessary resources to file a successful IND and graduate from the C-DOCTOR program. The Deferoxamine Patch for Radiation-Injured Skin ITP team has developed a transdermal patch delivery system for an FDA-approved medication, deferoxamine, to treat chronic, fibrotic radiation-injured soft tissue. Preclinical studies showed that injection of this medication into irradiated tissue results in improved blood flow and tissue quality. Given the frequency and severity of debilitating radiotherapy side effects and limited available treatment options, their novel approach meets a large clinical need with potential for rapid clinical adoption. The next step for Dr. Wan is to secure funding for a first-in-human clinical trial as C-DOCTOR does not support clinical trials. We congratulate Dr. Wan and his team for this exciting feat and what it means for C-DOCTOR. We hope this inspires all the ITP teams working towards their approval for clinical trials.