Our Vision

Our vision is for C-DOCTOR to be a national resource for the clinical translation of innovative technologies to regenerate dental and craniofacial tissues and organs lost to congenital disorders, trauma, and disease. C-DOCTOR will represent a public-private partnership with the primary mission of providing comprehensive clinical, scientific, technical, regulatory, financial, and management resources to promote cost-effective transition and timely development of dental, oral, and craniofacial tissue engineering/regenerative medicine products.

Internal Leadership Council

Jeffrey Lotz, PhD

University of California, San Francisco

Yang Chai, DDS, PhD

University of Southern California

Michael Jamieson, DRsc

Core Resource Director

Scott Fraser, PhD

University of Southern California

Kevin Healy, PhD

University of California, Berkeley

Ophir Klein, MD, PhD


Nancy Lane, MD

University of California, Davis

Michael Longaker, MD, MBA

Stanford University

Mark Urata, MD, DDS

University of Southern California

Benjamin Wu, DDS, PhD

The Forsyth Institute

Operations Team

Bridget Samuels, PhD - University of Southern California (Operations Team Lead)
VyVy Nguyen - University of Southern California
Pui Yee Law - University of California, San Francisco
Chase Linsley, PhD - University of California, Los Angeles
Paulo Pereira - Sanford University