We seek to recruit interdisciplinary translational project (ITP) teams from universities and industry nationwide that align with our clinical indication priorities in dental, oral, and craniofacial tissue engineering/regenerative medicine. Our first RFP was issued in May 2017 and the first cohort of eight ITP teams was selected in November 2017. A second cohort of four teams was selected in June 2018, followed by a third cohort of five teams in December 2018 and a fourth in May 2021. We are currently seeking pre-proposals from prospective ITP teams.

We are developing an ITP team pipeline, as shown in the figure at right, through a process of structured innovation, during which we recruit, select, and advance only those technologies that optimally align with priorities of four key stakeholder groups — providers (clinicians and healthcare networks); producers (industry); payors; and patients.

Currently supported projects

Previously supported projects