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C-DOCTOR receives a CIRM Conference Grant to host the 2023 C-DOCTOR Annual Spring Retreat

Congratulations to C-DOCTOR for receiving a CIRM Conference Grant for retreat!

DOCTRC presents at the 2023 AADOCR Annual Meeting

C-DOCTOR and DOCTRC deliver an interactive talk titled “Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Tissue Regeneration Consortium” to share about DOCTRC’s progress in shepherding their portfolio of tissue regeneration technologies addressing unmet clinical needs in the dental, oral, and craniofacial field to human clinical trials.

Gurtner ITP Team Files IND!

Congratulations to the “Prevention of Scar Formation in the Skin Using Topical Focal Adhesion Kinase Inhibitors” ITP team led by Geoffrey Gurtner on their IND submission.

The Hydronovo ITP publishes in “Science Advances”

The Hydronovo ITP team publishes “Long-term functional regeneration of radiation-damaged salivary glands through delivery of a neurogenic hydrogel” in Science Advances. Click here to read more: Click here to read more about the Hydronovo ITP team:

Calvarial Bone Regeneration ITP is issued a patent

Congratulations to the “Calvarial bone regeneration using 3D-printed scaffold and bone marrow aspirate” ITP team led by Dr. Yang Chai on their patent. Click here to read more about the ITP team:

C-DOCTOR PI Dr. Michael Longaker Publishes in “Advances in wound care”

C-DOCTOR PI Dr. Michael Longaker publishes “Exploring the Overlooked Roles and Mechanisms of Fibroblasts in the Foreign Body Response” in “Advances in wound care”. Click here to read more: